9 Revolutionary Digital Marketing Trends of 2019 You Can't Afford To Miss Out

Marketing has become more diverse in the last few years, and the progress doesn't seem to be crawling down in the future. Digital Marketing has taken up the concept of manual marketing, and every business is implementing online marketing tactics today. Digital marketing Agency is marking a tragic shuffle in terms of SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, PPC, etc, and artificial intelligence is a common factor that is compelling every technique.

Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

Most customers leverage digital channels as the easiest key to find out services and products, that's why every business should know and use these 9 Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2019 to strategize their marketing plans to get fruitful results.

1. SEO A/B Split Testing: SEO Split Testing is done to find out the variables that are influencing traffic to your website, and then you can strike your focus on only that content to keep your record on the mark. A/B split testing draws top-ranked keywords from your content and shows the clicks you are getting from specific keywords. It is the best SEO practice you can opt to get genuine traffic from fresh quality content.


2.Artificial Intelligence: AI is on the hike to make your job easier. There is hardly any business not using this trend. Most of the apps and websites have built-in artificial intelligence that is capable of reading, collecting information, reporting and preventing suspicious activities, and much more. According to Techgrabyte, AI will be ruling the businesses in the next few decades. Artificial intelligence is enforced for various services such as:

  • Customer service
  • Communication
  • Recommending Products
  • Transactions in E-commerce
  • Creating content

Using Artificial Intelligence Services will help to reduce the manual staffing cost and ads on the profit.

3.Chatbots: This AI-based technology allows you to communicate with your real-time customers 24x7. Latest surveys show that 63% of respondents go for online messaging with Chatbots to communicate with a business. Chatbots are beneficial to maintain customer relationship because of its round-the-clock service and instant feedback.

Brands like Uber are using Best Customer Service Chatbots, which makes booking a ride simpler for their customers.


4.Video Marketing: It is the most important and influencing trend in current and upcoming years. People usually prefer watching videos than reading a page, so it plays the most popular role in generating leads to your business. Not just YouTube, you can do live broadcasting through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. These social media apps are available on mobile phones, and you can reach to maximum younger audiences as well. In place of posting lengthy articles or blogs, you can post raw videos with transcriptions to get higher rates of impressions and engagements.

5.Influencer Marketing: This is a word-of-mouth marketing trend, where you use well-known personalities to discuss your product or services. These influencers can be great leaders, celebrities, or can be your happy customers also. They can use social media as Influencer Marketing Platform to make people aware of your product, which makes influencer marketing more convincing. This tactic is not predicting to be vanishing soon.


6.Social Messengers: Billions of people are using different Social Messaging Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Wechat, Skype, Snapchat, etc. in their mobile phones. And combining top three messengers only have more users than Facebook and YouTube. So these platforms can be useful to market your products directly to leading customers. People often find companies with messaging service reliable because they can have direct interaction with service providers. This also helps to deliver information about your products, promote sales, inviting people for events, reaching potential customers, and providing customer support and assistance.

7.Voice Technology: The Latest trend of Voice Search & Smart Speakers is making business owners to scratch their head about their digital marketing strategies for owing to this service. Voice searching is jumping at a high rate in 2019 and seems to be rising to 50% at the beginning of 2020. Consumers find it easier than typing words on their gadgets, and this facility is getting popular day by day.

Smart speakers have become a part of routine life in developed countries. The shipping rate for these speakers is multiplying more than a hundred percentages in a single quarter of the year. Alexa, Siri, and Google are now providing error-free audio content with improved AI. So with the increasing use, the time is not so far when ads will be promoted through this voice technology. 


8.Social Media Story: Today, maximum social media platforms have options to display stories for a specific time. This strategy can help businesses to keep your customers aware of your products. It also provides continuous engagement with followers and traffic to your website. You can reach to younger audiences through this strategy.

9.SEO and Content Marketing:Updating quality content in routine is still the best way in 2019 to rank better in Google algorithm. You can deliver the necessary information featuring the benefits of your product to the right audience with correct SEO techniques. It has long-term benefits and a higher conversion rate than any other method. SEO and Content Marketing Services are the best way to reach out to the new customers and attract them towards your product or services.

Including these 9 trends in your marketing strategies will help you to get better revenue in the present and as well as in the future.

Summing Up

Upgrading technology is leading to full digital transformation, and the latest marketing trends are compelling the business owners to take a step ahead to enter the digital world.

To stay ahead in the game in the future, you need specific digital marketing strategies, which will bring benefit only if you implement the right SEO techniques. So leave it to the professionals and look forward to increasing the conversion rate to your business.

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Let's begin the digital transformation now!

-Author: Raman Deep