Robust infrastructure, dealing disturbances, time and money consumption in operation, and organizing specific teams are elements of building software for the smooth working of an organization. Wonder if you have a better solution than building this genetic software? Yes, you can build functional applications for your custom business needs with Zoho Creator. This low-code platform enables you to develop custom business apps without worrying about servers and just aim at fulfilling the primary objective. Every small or medium-sized enterprise is adopting Zoho technology to ensure business growth. Scroll down here to know more about how Zoho creator is beneficial for your business.

If you are running a business, you have to control and manage a lot of operations simultaneously. From dealing with stakeholders, updating records, and monitoring ongoing operations, every task needs time and attention. In that situation, manual working may result in losing the priority of some important tasks. Here Zoho Creator is the only companion that can monitor the operations and ensures workflow automation of your organization. It is the easiest way to build custom apps faster for your business. Realize your needs, collect your data and information, and build your app in a few minutes.


The most beneficial thing about the apps you get by Zoho Creator is that you will be able to work anywhere from your single gadget. You can have all your business apps on your mobile to gain functionality and mobility. You can manage your whole inventory through these apps. Some of the features are:

  • Receiving and sending E-mails, SMS, and push notification
  • Accepting payments
  • Analyzing reports
  • Connecting clients and vendors
  • Data Submission
  • Organizing operations

The benefits of Zoho are never-ending and increases with enhanced coding and integration.

Schedule the priority of your routine tasks wise and setup in-built actions with deadlines. You can add users to share, edit, and access your app data or components. Connect the apps with your business website and control the access of your customers to limited information. Multiple apps can be connected to make information accessible to all. This platform provides you a single click system for performing tasks by connecting all the apps and integrating information all together in a single space. So, why don't you drive your business to the heights of success by saving time and money? We have all the expertise you need. We have got the Zoho Certification, and our Zoho Creator Developers are serving for reputed enterprises.


Recently, we have built an order management system for a Hi-Tech pharmaceutical company with Zoho Creator. We framed an app to manage the inventory flow including various processes

  1. Placement of order
  2. Collection of customer details
  3. Creating work order
  4. Tracking Manufacturing details
  5. Dispatching of product

This app covered all the processes required by the agency from the initial stage to the final stage of work.

Why you should hire our professionals?

Kindlebit Global is a Zoho Certified Solution Provider offering services of digital technology from a decade. Our experts have all the skills and knowledge to fulfill your business needs with Zoho Creator and Zoho CRM Solutions. In spite of a pharmaceutical company, we have also served several other industries, including education, manufacturing, calling systems, and vetting agencies. Talk to our experts to get more information about the advantages, and discuss your project the right way!

-Author: Raman Deep