In this hi-tech era, there is a specialized app for almost every business process.  These apps make the functions work exceptionally well as compared to manual working. But if you want to get more benefits from these apps, you need complicated integrations, and these integrations are too complex to be used on your own. You have to pay lots of money to experts for building apps and do integrations for you, or need to take special training to learn to code. Now, Zoho has brought a solution for all your integration needs, Zoho Flow, an integration platform that connects all your business apps to provide a smooth workflow.

How does Zoho Flow work?

Zoho flow allows you to create specific workflows by connecting cloud applications without any need to code. Zoho Workflow automates a series of tasks, from transferring information to the execution of a business operation. So you can design custom workflows that plan communication between teams, trigger actions, and efficiently manage your work. Its drag and drop feature enables you to bring all the apps at a single place, and you can decide steps to be included in the workflow. Organize teams, set custom actions, deadlines, and reminders to complete one impression followed by the other.


If you are working in sales and marketing business, follow up with leads is very important. Zoho CRM Workflow automation can do routine tasks on your part and makes your business more productive by saving your time and money. For example, if someone feeds contact details on your landing page, the workflow will gather the information, and an automatic email will be sent to them about further processes. Then, the feedback of that lead will be updated on the app and sent to the corresponding team. Using this, you never have to worry about missing follow-ups. Workflow rules enable such action when some specific requirements are met in step. You can set multiple conditions for a single rule to increase its flexibility.

Hybrid features of Zoho flow will help you to stay up to date about completed, ongoing, and upcoming processes. You will get notifications and updates for every action completed. You can configure multi-level approvals for completing a step. Schedule tasks for your different teams, send and receive reports, and set deadlines for event completion. You can also share the access to your team and let them do the work on your own without taking your time.

In the Nutshell

Zoho Workflow Integrations open new possibilities to increase business productivity by saving your expenses of cost and time in manual working. At Kindlebit Global, our dedicated team will help you to develop an automated business infrastructure. Our team has all the expertise in Zoho Creator and Zoho CRM to provide you required solutions to fulfill your custom business needs. Contact us today to join the way of business automation!

-Author: Raman Deep