Unleash the Limitless Power of Cloud Computing to Script Your Business Success Story

Kindlebit Global is a trademark for the best-in-class cloud expertise worldwide. Having apt proficiency in IT hosted, cloud storage and migration services to business of diverse sizes and any complexity has made us peerless with our approach. Through our cloud services, we aim at saving your organization's precious time, money, and make efforts to improve business productivity. We offer secure & scalable cloud solutions to satisfy your organization's growing infrastructure needs and demands, thus, fostering it to go from strength to strength with every passing fiscal year.

Being one of the leading offshore cloud service providers, we are never attached to the idea of "one solution for all problems" approach. We believe every organization, investing in our cloud expertise, require fresh thinking and analyses to offer bespoke cloud solutions to enable & let them reap the benefits of cloud computing for many years to come by. With years of experience in the industry, our panel of cloud specialists understand every organization is different, and each call for solutions that address its specific needs and requirements.

AWS Consultancy

We offer end-to-end AWS cloud consulting solutions. Through, our AWS proficiency, we aim to leverage innovative cloud-based applications to reinforce your business IT operations. Our full-cycle AWS services, includes migration, deployments, and load testing & managed services on AWS.

Google Cloud Consultancy

Being a trustworthy cloud computing company, we provide tailored solutions for your organization's requirements. Keeping all the perspectives in mind the present time circumstances and demands, we make sure our solutions meet all your planning, design, and implementation aspects.

Microsoft Azure Consultancy

Our team is well-versed with Microsoft technology, offer full-scope Microsoft Azure consulting services. This comprises of bespoke development solutions, full-scale implementations, multi-system & applications integrations, and ongoing support & maintenance.


The Perks of Cloud



One of the single biggest advantages of cloud computing is that it is scale to support fluctuating workloads.


It can be accessed while being in any part of the world, just with an Internet connection.


Another golden perk of investing in cloud computing is that you can get into any big venture, without worrying about your IT infrastructure- safety, costs and maintenance.

Strategic Edge

As an organization, you can be greatly benefited by investing on cloud, as it will be your business to gain that competitive edge. Moreover, technology is the way forward for businesses to succeed in the coming years.

Why Entrust Kindlebit for Cloud Computing

  • We Have a Team of Experts for Better Utilizing the Power of Cloud.

  • We Have Rich Work Experience Streamlining IT Operations for Both Small and Big Businesses, and Even the Start-ups.

  • We Proffer Tailored Cloud Solutions to Cater Every Business with a Different Approach.

  • We Have 24*7 Client Support to Address All Your Queries and Doubts.

  • We Follow both Conventional and Latest Strategies.