Start Your Data-Driven Journey With Best-In-Class Tableau Solutions

Kindlebit Global team will help you manage your past and current data resources to ensure you thrive tomorrow. Tableau enables the organizations to collect, store, transform, and connect to the data that matters to them. From fundamental databases to ETL, to predictive analytics, and more.Tableau's vast technologies will help you make the most of your analytics investments.

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Unleash True Potential of Your Data

Get ready to unleash the true potential of your employees by harnessing them with reliable and trusted data sets. Choose from the different analytics platforms to thrive in the world of business intelligence. You can use Tableau:

  • For the individual analyst- To startup the data journey

  • For Kindlebit Global teams and organizations- Deploy at scale on the leading analytics platform

  • Embedded analytics- Empower your data and product with Tableau Integrations

Wide-Ranging Tableau Products

Tableau Desktop

Tableau desktop is known as the gold standard in visual analytics, serving the business intelligence industry, and creating a new paradigm of self-service insights.

Tableau Prep

More number of people can leverage Tableau Prep to make their analysis faster with confidence by combining, shaping, and cleaning their data quickly.

Tableau Online

With Tableau Online, you can share and collaborate servers without actually managing it. It is completely secure and scalable, and there is no need to maintain hardware.

Tableau Server

Boost your impact by easily sharing your data and dashboards. Whether your Server deployment is on-premises or into the public cloud, management of your server stays in your hands.


Why Should You Choose Tableau?

Tableau software is an international leader to present quick business intelligence software. It enables you to analyze any structured data to generate powerful data visualizations like charts, graphs, dashboards, and reports within a few minutes.

  • Faster analytics

  • Smart dashboards

  • Analyze any data

  • Ease of use

  • Automatic updates

  • Easy and quick sharing

Why Entrust Kindlebit Global for Tableau Services?

  • Our Kindlebit Global teams have years of expertise in Cloud Computing, Designing, Data Management and Storage, CRM, and leading Business Intelligence tools.

  • We offer streamlining managed IT operations for both small and big organizations, and even the start-ups.

  • We present custom-made Tableau Solutions that cater to every business with a different approach.

  • You get 24x7 client support to resolve all your queries and doubts quickly.

  • We pursue both conventional and modern strategies to handle specific projects.