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Kindlebit brings you Web Intelligence at your service, a handy business intelligence reporting tool for analytical and ad hoc reporting. SAP Web Intelligence enables business users to generate basic, medium, and complex reports from transactional data in the database to fulfill business needs.

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SAP Web Intelligence - A Gem For Business Users

With Web Intelligence (WEBI), one of the most popular SAP business objects self-service reporting tools, it is easy for end-users, even the non-technical ones, to produce ad hoc reports. Its appealing visual interface and drag-and-drop features allow users to post queries, choose data elements, add filters, and format available information. So, WEBI makes it possible for you to access and analyze data and deliver informed insights into action.

Kindlebit understands the importance of every business, so of its data. Not every insight you get is important, and not all are reliable and trusted. Our tailored solutions for SAP business objects Web Intelligence make the highest level of data reliability possible by exploiting the general business terms and the semantic layer. You can securely share business reports with other users, as well as customers, partners, managers, and stakeholders across the world.

Benefits of Leveraging SAP-WEBI

WEBI influences problem solving and decision-making capabilities within the organizational process. More than that, users can also benefit from:

  • Broad user autonomy

  • Simplified access to data

  • Entirely fresh insights into data

  • Improved productivity and efficiency

  • A repeatable framework to sustain reporting and analytics

  • Powerful report sharing features

  • Data access control

  • Usage control on system resource

  • Universal tools for various tasks

  • Lesser TCO


Why Entrust Kindlebit Global for Web Intelligence SAP Services?

  • Our Kindlebit Global teams have years of expertise in Cloud Computing, Designing, Data Management and Storage, CRM, and leading Business Intelligence tools.

  • We offer streamlining managed IT operations for both small and big organizations, and even the start-ups.

  • We present custom-made Web Intelligence SAP Solutions that cater to every business with a different approach.

  • You get 24x7 client support to resolve all your queries and doubts quickly.

  • We pursue both conventional and modern strategies to handle specific projects.